The Haflingers of Jamin Farms


Enjoli, Lana  Of Pewama and Lanata

Our family "discovered" these little horses of Austria many years ago in the pages of glossy magazines and beautiful books of far away lands.  They spoke of a hearty golden horse with a kind and willing nature who is as willing to plow a field or carry men over high mountain passes as to prance proudly in a fine carriage.    


But we were in America and though a few had begun to cross our boarders at this time they were not within the reach of a young woman who admired these golden horses.


The years passed... I dated a handsome young man, mostly in a pony cart pulled by a chubby blonde pony named Honey, as we were too young to drive.  Later we married,  the children came and Honey was long retired so we began to look at breeds for the family.  

We wanted something to drive in a cart for my non riding friends, a calm well mannered riding horse for exploring the lush Pennsylvania trails and a horse possessing the beauty to turn heads all in an easy to handle size and the brains and talent to make an adult comfortable.  All in all we wanted the "perfect little horse". Once again we discovered the Haflinger.  

Haflingers had grown in popularity and were now being bred and sold here at prices a family could consider.  They were still a bit costly but after inspecting many breeds and having several "close calls" with our brave children we decided to choose a breed we could trust and have never once regretted our choice.

  We have taken great pleasure in the simple trust they exhibit toward people and they loving way they have caring for our family.  Never before had I seen such a breed of horse that actually seeks human companionship from birth.  Truly a remarkable little horse!


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Laddy and Lollypop

Clairissa Luray



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