Clarrissa Luray

Chrissy is my dream come true and everything I have always longed for in a Haflinger.  She is a wonderful friend with a gentle yet forgiving nature. She is the perfect 14 hands high and a classic mix of the old and the modern Haflinger.  Chrissy has been trained extensively for huntseat on the flat and over fences,  english pleasure and is she also trained to drive.  But Chrissy is equally wonderful with my children and she is beautiful in a western saddle taking us on long trail rides.  Though she was not trained for this discipline she is brave and bold on the trail and willingly takes me anywhere I desire to go.  But I must admit, I cannot help but enjoy all the "Ooohs and Ahhas" when they see her beautiful golden coat and 41" long white mane shimmering in the wind.


This is Chrissy during her halter show career as a two and three year old.  Obviously I wasn't the only one who admired this beautiful mare!  Chrissy is also one of the few American bred Haflingers to be "Classified according to World and American Haflinger Registry Breed Standards", and qualified to receive the "Edelweiss" brand.  We are very proud of our beautiful friend!

Chrissy has been bred to Laddy for a 2002 April foal.  This baby will be for sale to a select home.


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