Amazing Arlin




This is our Stallion and mare team Lolly and Laddy. Jeff is driving, Lolly is on our left and Laddy is on our right.

Laddy & Lolly "Child to Drive" first place

Laddy on Left, Lolly on the right

Tandem with Lad upfront

Laddy and Lolly will be expecting a foal this January.  These two have restored my joy in horses and have demonstrated to my children and their friends how much fun a horse can be.  We trail ride them everywhere and they prance and show off in harness and have won many shows, yet Laddy walks ever so carefully when a child or inexperienced rider climbs aboard. 

Lolly is with my daughter 24-7 and I am amazed at her patience as my daughter climbs under her belly to swat at a fly, or how she will hold up her foot for my daughter as she cleans out some dirt. Sometimes I find her laying on Lolly's  back resting in the warm sun.  Lolly then will hold still, even when tempted with food to be sure that "her girl"  does not tumble off.

Laddy loves to play with our filly Lanata and willingly babysits when I take Lana ( her mother) for a ride.   Lolly treats Lanata as her own, even trying to nurse her.  If you are looking for the temperament a family with many different riding levels will enjoy, you may want to reserve this foal as soon as possible.

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