You have shared your lives together and now that it is time to say goodbye you are looking for a really special way to remember your cherished friend.

One day our local veterinary clinic commissioned a cat shaped urn be painted to match a well loved calico kitty. They wanted a clear likeness showing the little details and the heart, that made her special. Being familiar with my work as a portrait artist, the clinic requested that I paint it.

Other clients soon requested portrait urns. One pet lover wrote to "I Love Cats" magazine explaining this unique service. Several months later "I Love Cats" published an article and photos of my work. Soon I was receiving calls from pet lovers from all over North America. People who wanted a unique, life-like reminder of their special friend.

The stories of the lives of those pets and those who cherished them, has been a source of great joy to me. Please feel free to call and share yours. I will make every effort possible to capture with my brush and my heart, that wonderful something that has made your friend so very special.

Twila Herot

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