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In the early 1940's a young man named John Wilbers gathered his wife and two

children and left war ravaged Germany to set sail for the fruited plains of America.

Here he found his dream of peace and freedom in the lush rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

Though he was forced to leave his homeland, he never left his love for her noble dogs.

Today over fifty years later, Jamin shepherds still guard his beautiful farm and his

great grandchildren. Our Jamin shepherds have become internationally known for

unsurpassed beauty, intelligence and large size. All Jamin breeding dogs are snow

white with jet black pigment on their noses and lips, but most important, all of our

shepherds are working pets. Living on a farm with people visiting constantly, they

are very social, yet posses strong instincts on who may not be trusted. They are

gentle with small children and animals and they love to hike and swim. Each Jamin

puppy comes to you with a full set of inoculations, their own crate, a photographic

pedigree, three months of full health insurance, a training leash, A.K.C. registration,

and lots of love and planning behind him..........................................................

Come meet some of the family

who are gone but not forgotten


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