If you are considering a Jamin puppy of your own, we would first like to thank you for thinking of us at this important time. Puppies born with the Jamin surname have received the finest in health care and have been raised in the warm nurturing environment of our home. The parents each hold a special place in our hearts and they and their ancestors have been carefully screened for health, temperament conformation and movement. In many cases the parents and even great-great-grandparents of your puppy have been born in my arms and have lived full, active lives here on our farm. We consider it our privilege to have shared our lives with our dogs and we appreciated the many wonderful families who have also shared the joy and responsibility of loving a Jamin puppy.

Each puppy is sent home with a package to help you begin your life together. Your Jamin puppy comes to you with:

Puppies are placed with either full or limited registration. Limited registration permits your dog to be registered but will not allow that dog's offspring to be registered. In this way we can protect the dogs we love as well as provide a means to discount the purchase price to those who want a superior pet. Puppies are priced at $1000. for full registration or $800. for limited. Puppies chosen for full breeding registration must prove exceptional and worthy of reproducing so I recommend calling well in advance so we can plan well. All pups are temperament tested to assure we match you with the perfect personality for your home.

Though we encourage you to come and pick up your puppy in person we do understand that distance sometimes makes this impossible. In these instances we do ship at eight weeks of age, after the puppy has received two set of inoculations for their protection.

Your Jamin white German Shepherd will be devoted to you and your family heart, mind and body. He or she will be willing to give their life for you or your household. Owners who give up their dogs must understand that your German Shepherd will mourn for you, often for the remainder of it's life. When you choose to take a Jamin German Shepherd please do not take your commitment lightly, such selfless love is no small thing.

If you think you may be ready for just such a friend, you may want to consider our future families. Read about them and if you feel you are interested contact Jeff or myself (Twila),we will be happy to discuss it further and send you an application.