I'm getting a new puppy is there anything I can do now to get ready for his first night home so he won't cry?

The day you bring your puppy home is a wonderful and frightening day for him. Every thing in him is anxious to win the hearts of his new family and rightfully so, his existence now depends on you. Dogs respond to scent the way we might to a physical presence. A thoughtful way to comfort your new pup is to prepare a scent towel at least a week ahead.Place an old towel between your mattress and the fitted sheet of your bed take turns among family members or those you would like him to bond with. During his first night in the crate place this with him, he may not stop crying entirely but he will be assured that you care about him and take comfort while growing closer to your family. Remember not to run to him at every whimper or he will soon learn to control you this way. Take him to "potty" and then put him to bed, if you do it at about the same time each night he will accept it sooner.