I am trying to housebreak my pup but he keeps "going" on the same spot on the carpet!

Never forget your dog's incredible sense of smell! You can scrub until the tell tale spot is long gone but your pup can still smell it. You must eliminate that scent with one of your own. Keep a pump bottle of white vinegar close by through the housebreaking process and when the enviable accident happens, do your final cleaning with that common vinegar (always spot check surface to be sprayed to make sure the vinegar does not adversely affect the surface). Don't forget that you can use this trait to help your training. Use a piece of newspaper to absorb residual urine before you use the vinegar, then take this paper to the spot in your yard where you'd like your pup to "go" and weigh this down with stones, when you walk your pup, bring his to this site and praise him lavishly when he performs. With consistency a pup will learn to use a specific area and the rest of the yard can remain clean. The vinegar also works for when your pup hits the wrong spot in the yard.