Some Thoughts on Training

A well trained puppy is not a goal that happens in a weekend or by good intentions alone, but is instead gained from a planned recipe of consistency, fairness, discipline and love. Training never stops but is happening every moment you spend with your dog and even moments not spent in his presence. No school, classes or tutoring session can make up for a poorly planed recipe of training. Demonstrate to your puppy the traits you wish to see in him, do not tire of disciplining when it is necessary and do not loose your patience. Training is a part of daily life, we "sit stay" before entering the car, your dog quietly "down stays" while you make dinner or the instant response to "come" saves him from a tragic car accident. It is not an easy task and must be a way of life.

At Jamin we have planned many generations before the birth of your puppy to make your job as easy as possible. The parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents of our puppies demonstrated calmness, willingness to please and strong intellects. Our babies are handled from the first hour of their lives and put on play and sleeping schedules. Basic disciplines such as "come", "quiet", "off" and "sit" are introduced by our human family and enforced by their mother and the rest of our canine family. However with good training most any dog can be taught to do well in our homes and hearts. We encourage you to train and love the dog you have and not to purchase a new puppy in an effort to gain the friend you've always wanted.

The rewards are well worth the effort, you will find them shining in his adoring eyes.

* for the sake of simplicity we use the gender of male on our training pages, these methods are for either gender.