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Misty Before

Dear NuVet Labs,

Misty, my 14 year old chow has been with me since she was a little puppy... Like most pet owners, she is extremely important to me and her health and well being are foremost in my mind.

For the past 7 years, since I moved back to California with Misty, she has suffered with allergic dermatitis. She started to lose a great deal of hair and was continually biting, scratching and obsessively licking her hot spots until they were bald and raw. After many visits to the veterinarian, pet stores and a series of cortisone shots, nothing seemed to help her. I was then forced to put her in an Elizabethan Collar. Misty After NuVet Plus™

I felt terrible that in her senior years she would have a diminished quality of life. I was fortunate enough to come in contact with NuVet Plus. Misty started on the supplement and within a few weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in her coat and skin. Her hair started to grow and the bald, hot spot areas were beginning to heal and fill in, and she no longer had an unpleasant odor. Within 11 weeks her hair grew in thick and shiny and now looks like it did before she developed the allergic dermatitis. There is no more odor and her overall general quality of life has improved greatly since it was no longer necessary for her to wear that "lampshade".

I am certain that Misty's wonderful appearance and renewed vigor is the direct result of her taking NuVet Plus and we can't thank you enough for your fantastic supplement. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so I am enclosing before and after pictures.

Ken Sagedy


Dear NuVet Labs, Dinky and Anne

I felt that I must share with you the story about my 11 year old cat. Dinky was always a big guy and weighed about 19 pounds all this life. His weight started to dramatically drop to where his bones were showing. The vet was not sure why his general health was suffering and he would not even give him his annual shots due to his dehydrated and weak condition. He told me he wouldn't last more than one week.

I was fortunate in coming in contact with NuVet Plus. I started to give it to Dinky and he just started to fill out and come back to life. In 30 days he had gone from 8 pounds to 12.4 pounds. He's since had his shots and he looks wonderful. Everyone is so amazed. This product is absolutely phenomenal, we were ready to put him to sleep and I am so pleased we hesitated that night and give him extra time because he had just started to take the NuVet Plus.

It has been over 8 months now and Dinky is still lively and vigorous. Everyone I know is using NuVet Plus with their dogs and cats and I am thankful to NuVet Labs for discovering such a wonderful supplement.

Anne P.


Dear NuVet Labs,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks for your remarkable product, NuVet Plus. I have an 11 year old Rottweiler named Champ. Over the past few years, his health has been quickly deteriorating. Due to extreme arthritis, Champ has had very little energy. Within the past few months, his condition worsened, prohibiting him from being able to eat his food from his bowl. I would have to feed him on a plate, while he lied down. Because of the severe arthritis and lack of energy, I contemplated putting Champ to sleep. As a last resort, I called the breeder I bought Champ from for any suggestions. She informed me about your product, NuVet Plus. We started feeding the wafers to Champ and slowly we noticed an improvement in his condition. After three months on the product, Champ was up and around again as if 5 years were taken off his age. In fact, once in a while, Champ even comes up the stairs in the morning to wake me. I wish I had discovered NuVet Plus sooner in Champ's life. I cannot thank you enough for developing such a wonderful product.

Jack Paulsen
Salt Lake City, UT


Dear NuVet Labs,

My name is Laura. I have a tabby cat named "Ginger" who would like to thank your company for improving her daily life. Ginger developed a digestive problem and continually had trouble keeping her food down. Our veterinarian suggested several different remedies over the past few years, but nothing seemed to work. When I heard of your cat supplement through a friend who feeds it to her new kitten, I immediately began giving it to Ginger. It wasn't long before Ginger's stomach problem improved. She is much more excited now during meal time, knowing that she will be able to keep the food down.

I am a true believer in your product and I will recommend it to every cat owner I know.

Thanks so much,
Laura P.
New York


Dear NuVet Labs,

I have a Chocolate Lab, Chester, and he was suffering from severe allergies and this is from the time he was a puppy. I tried everything I could, from veterinarians to all types of supplements, but nothing worked. He was having trouble healing because of all his biting and scratching.

I was introduced to NuVet Plus and after a short time on NuVet Plus I started to notice his belly, especially where the allergies were most prominent, starting to heal quite a bit. It was a remarkable change after such a short period of time and I feel very strongly that NuVet Plus had a strong impact on the healing process. I have been feeding him the supplement for 5 months, and his hair has grown back thick on his stomach where he had been completely bald from bacterial and yeast infections.

I have been very pleased with the sensational results and I just want to thank you for coming up with these products.



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